All I Really Want is a Good Night’s Sleep

Parents, especially, know the importance of sleep – for yourself and for your offspring. The day after a wakeful night can feel like you’re dragging yourself through thick mud, wading towards the chance to clamber back into bed again. Then you lie there, unable to fall asleep, thinking of all the things that must be achieved the following day.

Your mind becomes overactive, your children won’t settle, you’re over tired or you drank too much coffee. There are hundreds of reasons why you may struggle to switch off and that’s why Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing designed Lights Out – a range of plant-based products which help you fall into a peaceful and much needed sleep.

The new wellbeing brand use state-of-the-art equipment to analyse and select plant molecules for their products which have great benefits for the human condition. A deep understanding of the bio-active ingredients that can help to reduce pain and support mental health and sleep drove Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing to create therapies which are naturally powerful. As consumers we tend to put our faith in synthetic drugs, yet there is new and exciting research which proves the efficacy of plant-based solutions for many human conditions.

Trelonk’s Lights Out range consists of three variations, each containing different bio-active plant molecules which enables them to be targeted at specific sleep conditions.

Lights Out #07 – Hyperactivity & Overthinking

We often jump into bed tired and then find ourselves flicking our minds back through the events of the day. It’s difficult to clear your mind and ease yourself into your evening of rest when your thoughts are elsewhere. Lights Out #07 is a blend of relaxing lavender, stress relieving clary sage and tension alleviating petitgrain, along with the targeted active molecules, making up the perfect blend for individuals suffering with sleepless nights due to hyperactivity or overthinking.

Known to have sedating qualities, the bio-active ingredient within #07 deeply relaxes the body allowing for sleep to naturally occur.

Lights Out #08 – Insomnia

Find it hard to get to sleep? Or do you wake up throughout the night and are then unable to drift back off? Regularly having problems with sleeping can be classified as insomnia. As a mum this is this last thing you need. You crave those peaceful 8 hours, yet you find yourself lying there wide awake.

Lights Out #08 has been designed to help those who suffer with irregular sleep patterns. Created to target insomnia and the feeling of stress, the deeply relaxing scent of high-altitude lavender and the warming and comforting effects of sweet marjoram soothes your body and mind into a peaceful sleep. #08 contains bio-active ingredients that have been chosen for their ability to calm.

Lights out #09 – Dietary Induced Sleeping Issues

Have you overindulged or drank one too many glasses of wine in the evening? #09 offers a solution to those who struggle to sleep due to their stomach and gut health. Containing vetiver, the “oil of tranquillity”, the earthy, grounding, and woody scents are powerfully relaxing and create an oil designed to help your body and mind let go. The bio-active ingredient within #09 is a particularly powerful isolate which not only prepares your body for sleep but helps you to recover from injury or sickness.

Our qualified aromacologist says “Aimed at soothing ingestion, alcohol and drug related sleep issues, Lights Out #09 contains an active molecule which is found in floral oils such as lavender. Besides from alcohol use, drugs can cause insomnia and affect motor coordination, and this active molecule produces feelings of a slowing heart rate and calmness.”

Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing also specialise in plant extracts which boost and uplift your mind and help to reduce pain.

Pain can be detrimental to your sleep. Sore muscles, chronic pain and conditions such as arthritis can leave you uncomfortable and unable to relax. Power Through targets muscles and soft tissue, bones and joints, and acute and chronic pain. Like Lights Out, Power Through contains bio-active ingredients which have proven to help certain ailments. Massaged into the area of discomfort can help soothe and calm the area, providing you with relief and the ability to be more mobile and rest easier at night.

Not being able to sleep can begin to effect other aspects of your life. You may become less confident and positive due to exhaustion; you begin to stress about not being able to sleep earlier on in the day or you find yourself lacking concentration. Head Strong has been designed to help boost your mind and thoughts. Uplifting and refreshing ingredients, along with proven bio-active molecules boosts and balances your mind into a state of comfort.

Trelonk is a beautiful estate on the River Fal in the heart of Cornwall. Trelonk Farm is harnessing new technologies and sustainable farming practices to grow calendula, hemp and other specialist oil seed crops for the targeted oil formulas. This allows for a truly innovative and environmentally responsible health and wellness product. Three state-of-the-art laboratories at Trelonk are designated for plant tissue culture, phytochemical extraction and molecular analysis.

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