Science Team


Expert IFA Aromacologist

About Kim

Our expert aromacologist, Kim, was raised in Africa and was strongly influenced by her father, a surgeon who grew his own plants to make herbal medicines. Her father’s message has stayed with her and influenced the choices she has made throughout her life: “Look to Nature and there you will find solutions”.


Scientific Communications Officer

About Hayley

Our Scientific Communications Officer, Hayley, was born and raised in Cornwall and developed a strong admiration for the natural world. Hayley studied Biological Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and in her final year, specialised in Plant and Microbial sciences. She invested her research efforts into an independent project on the ability of freshwater algae to utilise organic plant matter.


Product Formulation Assistant

Igniting my love for science at school, I went on to complete various scientific qualifications, including forensic science. Staffordshire University provided me with the fantastic opportunity to undertake a course which involved recovery of evidence from crime scenes to preserve, analyse and present in a court room.

After college I went to work for an Engineering Consultant as a Geo-Technician where I performed soil engineering and chemical testing. During my time there I contributed to publishing a paper in the Journal ‘Geoscience in South-West England’ in which I performed experiments to mimic the transit of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) through the human digestive system. As well as a full time job I worked on a day release basis to achieve my degree in BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering in which I concentrated my dissertation on ‘Soil arching within piled embankments’. After my degree I worked as an ATO in Derriford hospital combined labs and as a QA technician for a dairy manufacturer. Having spent half my career at the dairy manufacturers as a supervisor to the chemistry and microbiology laboratories, I grew a strong interest for microbiology particularly investigation work with listeria and Pseudomonas. Here I also achieved my food safety, auditing and HACCP qualifications.

When I am not working I like to practice yoga, bake my own cakes and go for walks on the beach or in the woods and take my camera for macro shots of insects and flowers. With a high interest in yoga and my health & wellbeing, I switched to a plant-based diet after reading the benefits it can have. To now get the opportunity to combine my love of both nature and science with over 15 years’ experience of working in laboratories is amazing for me.