Trelonk's History

Trelonk itself has a wealth of history. A brickwork existed on the perimeter of the Trelonk Estate, on the edge of the Fal estuary between 1891 and 1907. The china clay extraction led to tons of quality clay being washed down the river. The lost clay was dredged from the river and mixed with other components to form bricks. Today, all that is left is the tall chimney once used to draw air through the kilns to keep the temperature rising, and the silt in the ground.


Specialist Crops

Despite the Estate being farmed for years, Trelonk has diversified its cropping and its approach, utilising scientific breakthroughs in horticulture and regenerative agricultural practices over the past 5 years. Successfully producing borage honey, we understood that there was more we could do to benefit consumers with borage and other specialist oil seed crops such as, Calendula, Camelina and Sunflowers.


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