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Daily Mail Online

This handy lipstick-sized nasal inhaler (pictured) is the brainchild of Trelonk, a small firm based in Cornwall. Power Through #03 is a good combination for easing the stress caused by acute or chronic pain.
Dr Max Pemberton

Drift Magazine Issue 16

Aromacologists at Trelonk pinpoint the molecules in each plant that have the highest impact to create nine formulas used to target three distinct categories; reduction of everyday aches and pains; aiding mental wellbeing; aiding restful sleep.
Hannah Tapping

You Magazine, October 2021

Trelonk is now not only growing crops for high-impact wellness but, thanks to cutting-edge technology, is extracting the crops’ most powerful molecules to create super-boosted, next-level aromatherapy oils. These can target specific concerns or areas, from muscles and joints to stress, confidence, hyperactivity, insomnia and diet.
Susannah Taylor

Metro 2021

In need of some TLC? Science and botanicals combine in Trelonk's essential oil formulas. Designed to relieve conditions associated with pain, the mind and sleep, the three categories (Soothe, Support and Sleep) boast active ingredients. Use with a steam diffuser, oil burner, inhaler, or dilute with carrier oils and apply to the skin or in the bath. You can even mix and match the oils.
Vicki-Marie Cossar
Scientists from the University of Plymouth (@PlymUni) are working alongside Cornish firm Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing to explore the many and varied potential health benefits of plants. The plant therapy brand will now directly benefit from the research, extraction and analysis that the new equipment will bring, with three state-of-the-art laboratories designated for plant tissue culture, phytochemical extraction and molecular analysis.
Plymouth University

You Magazine, November 2021

The Nasal Inhaler from science-backed brand Trelonk Wellbeing is a lipstick-sized vial that contains a cotton wick to add up to 20 drops of one of its blends (£28). Perfect for creating a private aromatherapy bubble. Trelonk also makes aroma patches that you can stick to your skin for prolonged delivery.
Susannah Taylor


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