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Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing brings you Cornish Plant Therapy. Designed to ease your everyday aches and pains, uplift and refresh the mind, and support restful sleep, using the latest research and molecular extraction technology in plant science.

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Molecular Wellbeing

Our expert aromacologists use cutting edge extraction technology to pin-point the most powerful plant molecules for our targeted essential oil formulas. We then boost our formulas with specifically chosen active ingredients, known as terpenes, which support healthy neurotransmission in the body. It’s this combination that creates the most high-impact wellbeing solution, known as whole plant therapy. Read more about terpenes and essential oil ingredients on our learn page.

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Monthly Molecules Subscription

Our wellness subscription box is a monthly treat packed full of goodness that will help you take control of your physical a…

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Lights Out #07 For Hyperactivity & Overthinking Essential Oil and 20 Aroma Patches

This reassuring blend of relaxing Lavender, stress relieving Clary Sage and tension alleviating Petitgrain, along with acti…

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Head Strong #04 For Stress & Nervous Tension Essential Oil and 20 Aroma Patches

Our Head Strong base formula contains 10 high-impact plant-based extracts designed to boost and uplift your mood.…

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Power Through #01 For Muscles and Soft Tissue Essential Oil and 20 Aroma Patches

Our Power Through base formula contains high-impact plant-based extracts designed to target everyday aches and pai…

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Power Through #01 For Soft Tissue and Muscles Essential Oil and Nasal Inhaler

Our Power Through base formula contains high-impact plant-based extracts designed to target everyday aches and pai…

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How did you sleep?

Lights Out #07

Lights Out #07, also known as the ‘sledgehammer‘, is one of our best selling products. A powerful blend of lavender, neroli, clary sage and vetiver come together with active ingredient #07, to create a calming formula that helps to slow down the mind and relax the body, sending you off into a tranquil nights sleep.

Available as a concentrated blend to inhale, diffuse or dilute or as a topical oil for massage.

Lights Out #07

Meet our Science Team

Our expert aromacologist, Kim Lahiri, has over 46 years of experience in the field of complementary therapy, cosmetics and perfumery, and is a qualified Educator and Examiner. Kim has travelled as far afield as Japan to share her high level of aromatherapy knowledge and expertise. She is now a Director of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA). The IFA is an awarding and professional body of aromatherapists that is known to hold the highest standard of education internationally. The IFA has worked with government health committees worldwide to improve the practice of aromatherapy and is actively involved in elevating academic standards and influencing policy in the field.

Meet the Science Team

The Next Generation of Aromatherapy

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Power Through and Curcumin

Active 1

Active 2

Active 3

Curcumin, an active ingredient within Turmeric, has deeply soothing, antioxidant and digestive properties. It is bright yellow in colour, is mildly aromatic and has scents of orange or ginger. Read more about our Power Through formula, designed to ease everyday aches and pains.

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Nature’s alphabet is our wellbeing solution


Types of aromatic compounds abundantly present in plants. Terpenes can act to support healthy neurotransmission. Read more about how we use terpenes in our oils here.


Can be used as a green alternative to traditional organic solvents for the extraction of essential oils from plants. Read more about the benefits of CO2 extraction here.


Every natural process to deliver our powerful oils to you happens at Trelonk. We plant, harvest, press, extract, blend and bottle here on the farm. Read more about our estate here.

“More than just aromatherapy oils”

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