Advanced Botanical Solutions

Trelonk Wellbeing brings you high-impact solutions, designed to ease your everyday aches and pains, uplift and refresh the mind, and support restful sleep.

Using the latest research and molecular extraction technology in plant science, creating blends to inhale, diffuse and massage, there’s a plant therapy for all.

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Trelonk Essential Oil Concentrates are a powerful blend of plant extracts that have been chosen for their high-impact properties. We then add different active ingredients to target specific conditions and concerns. Creating 9 different formulas.

You can inhale them using a nasal inhaler, diffuse in a diffuser or burner, or dilute in a carrier oil to create a rich and therapeutic massage oil.



Trelonk Topical Massage Oils are ready made massage oils, containing 3% of the Essential Oil Concentrates in our special Carrier Oil Blend. A mixture of our homegrown and Cold Pressed Borage, Sunflower, Camelina and Calendula are used to create a rich and silky massage oil that relaxes your body whilst working to support your areas of concern.

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Advanced Botanical Solutions

We work with expert aromacologists and plant scientists to create high impact wellbeing solutions that help you to feel, move and sleep better.

Using cutting edge extraction technology, we pin point the most powerful plant molecules for our essential oil blends, adding specifically chosen active ingredients, to create 9 high-impact wellbeing solutions.

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How Does Your Body Feel?

The Power Through Range

Power Through has been formulated to support your everyday aches and pains. Whether you have discomfort in your soft tissue, muscles, bones or live with ongoing or acute pain, we are here to support you.

A soothing and warming blend of pure plant extracts of Ginger, Turmeric, HA Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Sweet Marjoram, Juniper and more, are combined with Actives #01, #02 and #03 to support the following:

#01 – Muscles & Soft Tissue

#02 – Bones & Joints

#03 – Acute & Chronic

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How’s Your Mood?

The Head Strong Range

Head Strong is here to support your mind. Whether you’re feeling stressed, nervous, in need of a confidence boost or have a scattered mind, Head Strong is here to help.

An uplifting blend containing pure plant extracts of Petitgrain, Indian Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Eucalyptus Staigeriana and more come together with Actives #04, #05 and #06 to support the following:

#04 – Anxiety & Stress

#05 – Concentration & Focus

#06 – Confidence & Positivity

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How did you sleep?

The Lights Out Range

Lights Out is our sleep range, formulated to help you drift off into a restful sleep, for the whole night through. Whether you’ve got an overactive mind, have interrupted sleep, or you’ve drunk or eaten things that are keeping you up, we’ve got you covered.

A powerful and calming blend of lavender, neroli, clary sage, vetiver and more, come together with Actives #07, #08 and #09, to support the following sleep related issues:

#07 – Overthinking & Hyperactivity

#08 – Insomnia

#09 – Diet induced Sleep Issues

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“Dr Max Prescribes”

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The Trelonk Formula

Grown, harvested, pressed and formulated by us, to provide you with the best wellbeing solution that nature and science can provide.


Here at Trelonk Farm, we grow specific crops and herbs for their powerful properties. We use sustainable farming methods to ensure we’re doing our best for the environment as well as our customers.


Our expert team of scientists and aromacologists use cutting edge extraction technology to pin-point the most powerful plant molecules for our targeted essential oil formulas. Read More


All of our oil products are formulated and bottled by hand, here at Trelonk Farm. We use our expert knowledge to create high-impact, targeted blends that support you where you need it most.

“More than just aromatherapy oils”

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