About us

Set in the rolling hills of South Cornwall, the Trelonk Estate is a thriving hub of science and engineering, providing a glimpse of Cornwall’s future potential in an environment rich in innovation.

Just four years ago, Trelonk’s 160 acres of land had been out on tenancy, used for keeping livestock and growing conventional cereal crops. Today it is a shining example of sustainable farming and environmental responsibility, certified by Red Tractor.


Trelonk's Innovation Hub is as unique as thE products it creates

At one end of the estate is the Parnall Aircraft company, dedicated to reconstructing historic aircraft such as the Spitfire; at the other is Trelonk, using cutting edge science and technology to bring wellbeing to life.  

Rural farmland on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, where sheep and cattle grazed as recently as 2018, has been transformed into a home for historic aeroplanes and a centre for high-impact plant-based wellness. On this bustling campus with spectacular panoramas of the River Fal, our staff exchange ideas, collaborate on ground-breaking ventures and foster skills for the next generation of engineers, scientists, technicians and therapists.

Crops cultivated in the nutrient-rich Cornish soil are used to create essential oils backed by scientific discovery. The high-integrity products being developed aim to help millions of people wave goodbye to the fear of sleepless nights, pain and anxiety.

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind our Trelonk Wellbeing formulations.

Trelonk's History

Our Cornish history will be forever preserved at Trelonk.

Our Values

From our Cornish roots to science and wellbeing.

Dedication to innovation

The common thread running through the Trelonk Estate is a dedication to innovation from highly skilled teams committed to bringing remarkable ideas to fruition. We are impassioned by wellbeing and are committed to ensuring and improving the wellness of our employees and our customers. Creating a space in Cornwall for nutraceutical farming, wellness and research is really novel in these rural areas, and we’re proud of the innovation we’re bringing to Cornwall.



Disclaimer: Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. If you have any health concerns please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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