Father’s Day Gift Guide

What do you give the man that asks for nothing or says that they don’t need anything for Father’s Day? I’m sure we all want the father figures in our lives to be as happy and as healthy as possible and providing them with a gift that helps them to take care of their health is a great gift to give. We’ve curated a Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you gift with purpose this year.

For the Active Dads

Soft Tissue and Muscle blend, Power Through #01, is a warming and soothing formula great for pre and post exercise.

Dad can use it to warm up or to complement a cool down & stretching. Using the best extracts from Ginger, Turmeric, Juniper and more – as well as our secret bioactive ingredient for #01 – the ingredients work together to refresh and revitalise soft tissue and muscular areas. The #01 massage blend is great for a massage routine, or the nasal inhaler set for quick relief.

For the Stressed-Out Dads

We all have a lot of things in life that can stress us out. Dads may stay calm and collected at the best of times, but they’re no exception to this. Stress plays a big role in our health and the things our body goes through; from sleep patterns, weight, mental health, and happiness levels.

Arm Dad with a super quick and easy stress buster, Head Strong #04 and Nasal Inhaler. High impact ingredients such as ylang ylang, bergamot, sandalwood, and more, work together with bio-active ingredient #04, to balance high and negative energy, calm the mind and overall uplift his mood. Inhalation therapy is also great as it encourages Dad to slow down for a few moments to breathe deeply – which in turn helps the body to feel calmer.

For The Sleepless Dads

Stress and sleep are usually intrinsically linked. We’ve heard countless stories of fathers who lie awake at night, their minds too busy to allow them to drift off or they wake up time and time again.

Your Dad may also need a night where he just has a really long, deep, sleep. We’d recommend Lights Out #07. An is immensely soothing and relaxing, with previous users stating that they can’t do anything but go to sleep. The best bit? They wake up the next day feeling refreshed and not groggy at all.

For the dad that needs it all

At Trelonk Wellbeing, we know and state that there’s a deep relationship between your body, mind and overall health. For example, he might be experiencing pain, which is keeping him up at night. Then Dad is overtired, which in turn makes him stressed because he doesn’t have the energy to keep up with all the spinning plates in life.

Add three self-care massage oils to his toolkit to help dad defend against those pesky aches, to destress and sleep better. These are ready to go massage oils, so no blending, mixing or concocting required. They can also go in the bath, to help his body to be the best it needs to be.

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