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Spread the love this Valentine’s Day…
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What do you buy a loved one for Valentine’s Day? Are you an extravagant spender? A new necklace or perhaps it’s time you popped the question, so you splash on a beautiful diamond ring. Possibly your love language is acts of service. You portray your kindness and cook his/her favourite meal with a glass of wine that sparks memories of a time you’ve shared together.

Or are you a subtle gifter? You remember the small things your partner wishes for or has said they’d be thankful for, and you surprise them with your fantastic memory.

Maybe you don’t celebrate this day of hearts, roses, and flowers. And that’s ok, you probably understand that love isn’t just about one day. It should be shared and appreciated everyday of the year. Possibly you don’t have a Valentine’s this year, but there are still way’s you can show yourself love.

We have a few ideas that both your partner and you will enjoy.

Topical Oils

Feel the power of touch. Massage can be incredibly bonding for you and your partner, and beneficial to you. Our topical oils are the perfect consistency. They glide onto the skin providing a smooth and silky application. Not only that, but they also smell beautiful. A blend various essential oils which have been selected for their beneficial properties and a mixture of rich carrier oils, all beneficial in their own right.

Perhaps you have a sore back, so instead of just spicing your night up with any oil, try an oil from the Power Through collection. An oil that will not only apply nicely but will aid everyday aches and pains either found in your muscles and soft tissue or your bones and joints. Containing ingredients where research has shown for them to aid particular ailments, Power Through can help to relieve discomfort in these targeted areas.

You can get 20% off any topical oil’s right now. To either help with common ailments, or to use as a massage oil, with your loved one. We forgot to mention, they can be added to the bath too!

Abel Burner and Essential Oil Concentrate

Fancy adding a minimalistic and unique style gift to your home. An Abel Burner is a beautiful way of diffusing oil into an environment of your choice. Add some water to the flask, then continue to add 5-10 drops of an essential oil to the water. Light the tealight and allow for the flame to gently heat up the water, diffusing the oil. Filling the room with a beautiful, yet beneficial scent. This Abel Burner is super stylish and looks lovely as a feature piece.

You can get 40% off an Abel Burner and Essential Oil Concentrate of your choice now!

Head Strong

How do you feel today? In our opinion, a question which needs to be asked considerably more. We’re so caught up in our busy lives that we forget to check in on our nearest and dearest, and ourselves.
Head Strong has been designed with mental health in mind. We want nothing more than people to feel uplifted and in the correct headspace. When formulating the Head Strong range, Kim, our IFA qualified aromacologist thought hard about common concerns within mental health, and which essential oils have proven benefits to boost the mind. In turn, creating a very high-impact oil which balances the mind.

We want you to feel refreshed, uplifted, and all-round wonderful. Enjoy 20% off the entire Head Strong #06 for Confidence range.


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