The Wellbeing Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas fast approaching, last-minute shopping is a common theme among many. Gifts can be very uplifting, but even more so when they boost your wellbeing. With gift sets that cover all basis, take a look at our favourites:
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Christmas Saviours Massage Oil Set 

Containing three high-impact massage oils, this set allows you or your ‘giftee’ to get through the remainder of the festive period plain-sailing, and more importantly start 2022 with ease. Kicking off 2022 with three oils that provides someone comfort for their body, uplift their mind, and the best gift of all these days; a great night’s sleep. 

Natural Wellbeing Essentials Kit 

Do you know someone that’s interested in Natural and Plant Based Health? The Trelonk Natural Wellbeing An essential oil and carrier oil will set anyone off on the correct foot. Choose a concentrate that you think would most suit them. Do they suffer with everyday aches and pains? Browse the Power Through range to see what would best suit. Maybe you know that they need uplifting, or some positivity sent their way. Head Strong collection will serve their needs. Perhaps they just need a restful and rejuvenating sleep, we’ve all had a tiring 2020, and Lights Out is here to serve its purpose. Gift the gift of sweet dreams this Christmas.

A carrier oil enables the user to create their own blend. Deciding whether they want to use the nutraceutical oil on its own or blending it with the high impact concentrate to create a beneficial massage oil.

The nasal inhaler provides a discreet but effective delivery method. Whether they’re at home or on the go, a few drops of concentrated oil allow the powerful molecules to enter their body via the olfactory system, sending support to wherever it’s needed.

For Those Who Struggle With Sleep

Do you know that they struggle to drift off? The Lights Out collection serves three purposes.  

  1. Lights Out #07 – Enabling the user to switch off their mind and fall asleep without overthinking 
  1. Lights Out #08 – Fall asleep and stay asleep  
  1. Lights Out #09 – Produce feelings of calmness and soothe dietary related issues at night.  

Create an additional step to their night-time routine which welcomes feelings of tiredness. Preparing the body for sleep should be a core stage in somebodies routine, this allows for their mind to unwind, but also their body. Enabling the muscles to relax and feel untense allows for the body to drift off calmly

For The Room Fragrance Lovers

Fragrance with a difference. Handmade in Cornwall, Abel Burner’s are oil burners with edge. The perfect addition to any home, allowing you to gently diffuse the essential oil concentrate of your choosing. This minimalistic burner enhances any room with a functional fragrance at any point of the day.. Winding down from yoga? Need a mood booster in the office or living room? Or want to set a sleepy mood to help you wind down to sleep? The Abel Burner & Concentrate set is the perfect selfcare accessory.

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