The Gifts We’re Buying This Mother’s Day

Are you on the hunt for a gift that really shows some thought this Mother’s Day? We formulate products which supports common conditions. Conditions which are most often complained about.
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Mothers deserve to be treated and appreciated, and a wellbeing gift show’s nothing but thought. Gifting them something which will contribute to their life and wellness.

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For The Mum’s Wanting A Good Night’s Sleep
Lights Out #07
Gift your mum the dreamiest of night sleeps. Blended with nothing but relaxing and calming essential oils such as Sweet Marjoram, Vetiver and Lavender, this high-impact and beautifully smelling blend will allow them to drift off into a peaceful sleep that will leave them feeling rejuvenated and rested the following day.

For The Mum’s Who Are Feeling The Stress
Head Strong #04 with a Nasal Inhaler
Granted, being a mother can be rather stressful at times, especially when there are other factors from day-to-day life contributing. Diffusing or inhaling #04 will produce a calming environment in their chosen atmosphere. A nasal inhaler is a really great delivery mechanism for when they’re on the go, helping to diffuse stress on the way to work, in work, and anywhere else!

Head Strong #04 Concentrate recently won the

For The Mum’s Lacking Positivity
Head Strong #06
Sometimes we all need a pick me up, but today and everyday our mothers deserve to be feeling their absolute best. Head Strong #06 is a beautiful citrusy blend of oils that is incredibly uplifting and positive towards the mindset. The bio-active plant ingredients within this blend are instantly mood boosting and refreshing.

For The Mum’s With Sore Muscles or Joints
Power Through Collection
Unfortunately, a bad back seems to affect us all at one stage of our lives, and even a pulled or tense muscle. Some people suffer with it less, but sadly there are a number of people who live with aches we’d all rather avoid. Perhaps its only post exercise.

Power Through #01

#01 has been designed to help towards aches found in soft tissue and muscles. Massaging the topical blend into the area of discomfort can cause relief and help them in their time of need. A blend of warming essential oils such as Ginger, Juniper and Turmeric combine together to soothe and smooth the area.

Power Through #02
With conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis in mind, Power Through #02 has been formulated to target aches within bones and joints. Kim Lahiri, our consultant has said “#02 is a blend packed full of refreshing and soothing ingredients such as, CO2 extracted Juniper and Sweet Marjoram. Amongst other ingredients, the molecule chamazulene, derived from blue chamomile, has properties which are beneficial to joints and bones”.

For The Mum’s Which Need All The Love
If the products above tick all the boxes, then we have made up an Essential Oil Concentrate Gift Set and a Topical Oil Saviour Set.

Containing Trelonk Wellbeing’s three best sellers, which cover pain, mind and sleep, this gift enables your mother to feel empowered, uplifted and calm, when they need to be. If they’d prefer massage blends, which can be applied to the skin or added to the bath, we’d recommend going for the Topical Oil Saviour Set. If they have a diffuser, or you opt for purchasing a Nasal Inhaler too, we’d recommend the Essential Oil Concentrate Gift Set. Allowing your mum to diffuse oils at home, or on the go.

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