Knitting Your Way Through 2022?

As 2021 draws to a close, I’m sure we’re all wondering what 2022 has in-store for us. Will the dreaded Covid-19 decide to let us live our lives and continue as we once did? Will our careers continue to progress? Will we, our friends and families remain in good health? These are all things we hope for and we’re sure in 2022, things will begin to look up for everybody.
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As always, various members of the Trelonk team have set new year’s resolutions. Granted, they’re not often fulfilled, but we give it our best shot. Coming in at the top are:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Complete dry January
  3. Spend more time with friends/family

Over the last couple of years, spending time with friends and family has sadly become less accessible. With numerous rules and restrictions, doing ordinary things like this has become somewhat of a challenge. Gyms have also gone through waves of closures, this was very demotivating for individuals who were trying to get fit as part of their new year, new me.

Whilst health resolutions are very important, have you thought about what else you could do?

Finding a new hobby can provide you with great satisfaction. Trying out a range of activities allows you to discover more. Whether that’s a gateway into a new sport, for example going to the gym to exercise, but learning about Judo or Taekwondo whilst you’re there, or just discovering new friends with likeminded outlooks.

Great British diver, Tom Daley, not only took home gold this summer at the Olympic Games, but he also won over the nation with his knitting hobby. In a recent interview he stated that he just “can’t sit still” and how his coach is always on at him to rest, so he took up a new hobby – knitting. He continued to describe how this form of escapism had allowed him to stop overthinking.

When designing, formulating and even throughout selling our Head Strong and Lights Out ranges, we have discovered that people struggle to switch off and their minds are consistently on overdrive. Using a product that allows you to de-stress and soothe your mind is great, the aroma of our products create a calming environment in the room that the concentrates are diffused in, enabling you to relax.

Alongside the oil, finding a hobby which you find fun yet therapeutic to your lifestyle is highly beneficial for your mental health.

Therapeutic hobbies:

  1. Knitting
  2. Journaling
  3. Reading
  4. Walking
  5. Baking
  6. Painting
  7. Flower arranging
  8. Pottery
  9. Puzzling
  10. Gardening
    Understandably, it’s not always easy to find time in the day to turn your hand to knitting or baking, but these precious hours are what allows you to disengage from the outside world and spend time putting energy into something that brings you joy. Hobbies such as painting, or reading can transport you into another world created solely by your imagination. Your mind unwinds from any stresses and allows you to be creative. Finding something you enjoy can help to reduce stress or feelings of anxiety.

So, whilst you think of your new year’s resolutions, remember that physical activities are great for both your mind and body, but hobbies that you genuinely enjoy are great for your mind and making you feel satisfied and joyful.

We wish you nothing but happiness and success for 2022, and we hope you find a hobby and a resolution that will provide you with nothing but delight!

Happy New Year from all of us at Trelonk!

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