How To Be Grounded

‘Grounded’, is a word commonly used to describe one who is humble or modest. In the wellbeing industry, grounded is a term often to define someone who is down to earth, in touch with nature and in tune with their body. To feel grounded is something we don’t often realise until reminded. Feeling at ease, and being comforted by the feeling of being ‘at home’, is the admirably favoured feeling we long to understand and nurture.
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Being grounded simply means you know who are and are able to connect to your physical and emotional self, in turn finding balance. In today’s world, we often find ourselves caught up in the whirlwind of social media, work, and all the other things we can’t keep our mind off. Taking a break from all of this brings you back to earth, you begin to fathom that the world in your phone is not real and nor are you present with yourself and surroundings when using it.

What are signs of being ungrounded?

  1. Easily distracted
  2. Engaged in personal and non-personal drama
  3. Big-headed
  4. Obsessed with materialistic goods

Whether you delete the apps which are causing you distraction, you monitor your screen time or take time out of your day to be present, your inner self will remind you of the strength and your ability to be at peace. There are numerous grounding practices which enable you to find balance and a state of peace.

Walking along the beach, barefoot. Feeling the heat radiate against your skin and your toes sinking into the grains of the sand. You become aware of the temperature decrease as your feet bury deeper. You listen to the waves crashing in on the shore and begin to pick up their rhythm. You’re fully aware of your senses and your presence on this earth. You’re grounded.

How to Be Grounded:

1. Follow Your Breath

Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Follow the air as it enters your nose and down to your lungs. When exhaling, do the opposite. Feel it leaving your mouth. Let your body lead the way, don’t force it and your mind will follow.

2. Take a Cold Shower

This technique has many health benefits. Research has shown for cold exposure to increase immunity and elevate mood. Besides from these benefits, it enables you to understand your strength and what your body can endure. This is incredibly invigorating and grounding.[1]

3. Practice Mindfulness Techniques

Activities such as yoga or meditation can be healing on various levels. On a physical level, there are many methods which enable your body to be a solid base – make sure all points of the feet/body are connected to the earth. From here you can access the mental level. You become aware of the entire surface of your feet or hands, being present and focused on the moment facilitates a shift in consciousness, promoting mental and spiritual growth.

4. The 5-4-3-2-1 Technique

One of our favourite techniques, this method enables the individual to be aware of their surroundings in their entirety. Strive to notice the smallest of things that naturally, you’d tune out.

  1. What are 5 things you can see?
  2. What are 4 things you can feel?
  3. What are 3 things you can hear?
  4. What are 2 things you can smell?
  5. What is 1 thing you can taste?

Look for small details, notice the sensation of your clothing, pay attention to the small sounds, smell the air around you and eat something where you can appreciate the texture and flavours.

Which ever technique you choose to ground yourself and feel at one with earth, know that it will help to bring you comfort and peace in the long run, mentally and physically.

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