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It’s that time of the year where we share gifts full of love and sweet nothings to our most loved. The day where people supposedly feel all fluffy with their head in the clouds, but their feet are on the ground. Being in love feels like you’re lost in the right direction, and it’s only right as a population we’ve dedicated a whole day to it.
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Pope Gelasius declared February 14th Valentine’s Day at the end of the 5th century, however it wasn’t until much later where the day was truly accepted and linked to love. February has since been the long-standing month where people celebrate love and show appreciation to an admired one.

Classically, champagne is drunk around this time, and it’s known to induce the feelings of lust and love…no surprise it was Marilyn Monroe’s favourite drink. The steady stream of bubbles hits the bloodstream at a quicker rate than the average wine, causing the blood alcohol level of those who are partial to a sip or two to creep up more quickly than your favourite pinot, making you feel a bit giddy.

A lot of things can stimulate the feelings of love and affection, but what essential oils act as a natural aphrodisiac?

Popping the diffuser on can create the perfect ambient backdrop in which your overall energy can be enhanced. Essential oils have the ability to boost your confidence, increasing your arousal as a result.

Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day

Floral Oils:

A universal icon for all things love and romance, Rose is a sweet, feminine scent which is popular for being calming yet seductive in its own right. Research has shown for rose to fight feelings of depression and boost confidence and libido. Helping to regulate the nervous system, rose has shown to make people more responsive to touch. [1]Jasmine, another well-know aphrodisiac scent, is an ancient aroma which historically was used to improve libido and promote the feelings of passionate intimacy [2]. Jasmine oil is great to diffuse to stimulate and energise the body.

Other Oils:

Neroli which is often in perfume, is an incredibly attractive scent. Otherwise known as Orange Blossom, the sweet, exotic, floral profile and a slightly woody undertone is highly sought after in the perfume and oil industry. It’s known for being a mind comforter and an arousal supporter, helping to inspire your thrills of passion.

Perhaps you prefer a more masculine scent? Sandalwood essential oil is a sweet yet woody aroma. Popular in male products, such as Tom Ford Eau de Parfum and Acqua Di arma Sandalo, this warming scent induces feelings of calmness and physical and mental relief.

Stimulatingly spicy, nutmeg, has the ability to spice up your love life with its aphrodisiac effects. Traditionally, nutmeg was used to treat sexual disorders in men. A study found it increased overall libido.[3]

Diffusing oils doesn’t have to be the only way to increase the drive for passion. Topical blends create the perfect excuse to give/receive a massage. Trelonk’s topical blends contain a few aphrodisiac oils (Ylang Ylang, Rose, Sandalwood, and more), stimulating your partner through massage, whilst providing the added benefits the oils have been designed to aid.

Show yourself love this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single or not, it’s also a great excuse to show yourself some self-care on this chosen day of love. There are numerous ways you can do this and make it fun. Whoever you are, blasting out an empowering song (A couple of our favs: Single Ladies, Beyonce or If you think I’m Sexy, Rod Stewart) has the ability to put you into a productive mood. Let the tunes take over you whilst you’re applying your face and hair masks, painting your nails, trimming your beard, diffusing oils or taking a long hot bath to revitalise.You don’t have to do this alone either. Plan a fun night with friends and enjoy hanging out with one another, sharing memories and appreciating each other’s company. Pop on a film or make dinner reservations for an evening out celebrating singlehood, it’s not always a bad thing to go against the groove.

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