The Secret To A Great Night’s Sleep

Do you find yourself struggling to sleep at the moment? Whether it’s the warm weather, racing thoughts or children keeping you up, implementing or making some small changes to your current night-time routine could make all the difference.

1) Tidy Your Room
You know what they say, a tidy space, a tidy mind. Studies find that you feel less stressed and less distracted after cleaning, which can help you sleep more calmly – plus it makes the morning that little bit easier!

2) Put Your Phone on Do Not Disturb
Our phones provide us with entertainment, a way of connecting but also act as a distraction. Unwind from the day and buzzing notifications by putting your phone away and on do not disturb about an hour before you get into bed. This will also help you to limit the blue light exposure from your phone, which can keep you from falling asleep.

3) Diffuse Some Essential Oils
Essential Oils can help to create a sense of composure, working to calm the mind and body into a sleepy state. Concentrates and massage oils that are infused with essential oils, provide a sense of relaxation, and can unwind your coiled spring, ready for sleep. You can see our range of essential oils for sleep here.

4) Unload Your Mind
Whether you like to meditate, journal, or write a to do list for the next day, it is good to try and clear your mind, to avoid racing thoughts and prepare you for a productive day.

5) Take a Warm Bath or Shower
A warm bath or shower can work wonders in relaxing you for bedtime, as it lowers your body temperature which helps the body wind down into a sleepy state. Try reading a book or safely listening to music in the bath too.

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