4 Reasons Why You Need A Trelonk Nasal Inhaler

Well renowned for their high impact abilities, the Trelonk Nasal Inhaler allows you to diffuse each of our essential oil concentrates, delivering the benefits of plant molecules directly to your body.
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Here are 4 reasons why you need a Trelonk Nasal Inhaler…

1. They boost your wellbeing

At Trelonk Wellbeing we aim to educate our consumers on the importance and effectiveness of inhalation. Since launching in May 2021, we have homed in on the importance of inhalation and the benefits it can provide.

We have hundreds of different olfactory receptors in the nose that recognise terpenes* in the environment. These receptors shoot messages through the neurones (nerve cells) to the brain, to trigger a response. The nose is therefore a super-efficient terpene delivery mechanism, and the effects of inhalation can be apparent in less than a minute.

*Terpenes: molecular compounds that are found in almost all living plants and comprise the largest single class of compounds found in essential oils. In plants, terpenes have many functions, such as creating the smell of plants; defending against herbivores and attracting beneficial organisms such as pollinators. Terpenes may also be antiseptic, antibacterial, calming and balancing, great for soothing everyday aches and pains, intensely cooling and soothing for hot conditions in the body.

2. They are a brilliantly discreet delivery mechanism

The amazing thing about the nasal inhaler is that they can be carried everywhere with you, providing support and relief whenever you need it most. 

Thankfully, this device is the size of a standard lipstick. This makes it easy to carry around, whether that’s in your pocket or in your bag.

Carrying your favourite blend of oil with you which may relieve feelings of anxiety and stress or boost your mood when you need it to, is really handy. It is excellent if you want to use it whilst on public transport, out on a walk or in work. We’ve also seen these be super popular with healthcare workers, not only to boost their mood and make them feel positive, but just so they can smell something nice and different from their normal working environment.

3. You can change the wicks in the nasal inhaler

When you order a Trelonk nasal inhaler, it gets delivered with an 100% cotton wick.

The scent of the concentrate that you drop onto the wick will stay for a long period of time. However, essential oils and plant extracts are extremely volatile. This means that the active and beneficial properties in the ingredients will escape into the air. Therefore, for effective use, you will need to add more drops every few days to the wick.

After a month or so, you may want to completely replace the wick – luckily this doesn’t mean that you need to throw away the entire inhaler!

You can remove the wick and you can either hand wash the glass casing or pop it into the dishwasher. This will remove any oil and scent and then you are able to either reload the new wick (which you can buy here!) with the same oil, or with a new oil you have chosen.

4. We’ve got some amazing offers on right now!

We are currently running an offer on our Essential Oil Concentrates and Nasal Inhaler Sets. You can receive 15% off any oil of your choice with a nasal inhaler. Create your own aroma bubble and provide your body with the support you need, when you need it most.

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