27 July 2021

Summer is Finally Here

Things To Do In Cornwall This Summer It’s here…the chaos is about to begin. Just when we received our freedom, July 23rd happened. The children have broken up from school and families from all over the country begin to flood to Cornwall. The six-week summer holiday is a time that many dread and many enjoy. […]

Things To Do In Cornwall This Summer

It’s here…the chaos is about to begin. Just when we received our freedom, July 23rd happened. The children have broken up from school and families from all over the country begin to flood to Cornwall. The six-week summer holiday is a time that many dread and many enjoy. We haven’t experienced true freedom in approximately 18 months and we’re beginning to find our feet again. The pleasantries we’ve missed out on such as a traditional camping trip to a seaside holiday park or the dining experience in a boutique restaurant in Padstow or St Ives return. The idyllic views of the Cornwall coast, the crystal clear shorelines and rolling countryside welcomes you back, and it’s not just families we’re welcoming back. It’s everybody.

Where can you go and what can you do if you are a family of four or more, or a couple off on their romantic getaway? Something waits for all, this year round we’ve made sure of it. We’re blessed in Cornwall to be surrounded by so much natural beauty and a place where you don’t necessarily have to book numerous activities to have fun. Coastal walks mark the perimeter of the county, rock pools full of life and wonder create a barrier around our beaches and small independent cafes rustle up fresh pasties and cream teas to the huge audience Cornwall attracts.

Planning a family trip has its difficulties, different preferences and ideas of fun varies from member to member. Somebody wants to chill on the beach and mooch around the shops, and somebody wants to hike around the coastline. A compromise is needed. What are Cornwall’s best coastal towns which buzz with atmosphere?

Sought after restaurants and bars run through the streets of Falmouth, coastal walks enter and leave the buzzing town from Maenporth, or Mylor Harbour and beaches welcome the sun lovers and sea swimmers. Entertainment for children isn’t a hard ask either, there are treasure trails, sea safaris and sailing schools.

Small, inviting harbour towns such as Polperro and Charlestown, welcome tourists to meander through the quaint and narrow streets. Establishments that produce local specialities, like fudge or rum, hide amongst the cafes, souvenir shops and fish and chips shops – the secret gem of the town – only to be found by the lucky few.

When you need a change of scenery from the South Coast, a trip to the North coast calls. Famous for attracting groups of young people to its party towns and music festivals in Newquay and the surrounding area, the North coast has huge craggy cliff faces and the biggest waves, bringing a touch of wildness about it. Perranporth beach is a hive of activity, with live music events throughout the year bringing together the locals and tourists.

Newquay itself has boatloads of activities to keep any individual or family entertained. To name a few, waterparks, zoos and aquariums deliver a fun-filled day for the family. Various surf schools are dotted in neighbouring beaches, crazy golf creates a competitive atmosphere, and the high street of Newquay entices you in with various cafes, bars and independent shops.

St Ives, this year’s host of the G7 Summit and a real fan favourite for visitors of Cornwall, is a collection of mouth-watering restaurants, stunning beach views and history. The town of St Ives flourishes in history. A popular mining and fishing town, St Ives became the host of many artists. Barbera Hepworth, a world-renowned modern artist has left her former home and studio as a museum, and as of 1993, the Tate Gallery opened its doors, becoming one of the most visited attractions in the UK.

The North coast doesn’t just offer parties and crazy antics. It provides an environment which radiates relaxation, motivation and a sense of humbling community spirit. While wind-surfs coat the coastline in shapes and colour, retreats mellow our minds through mellifluous life advice from expert coaches.

Have you ever thought about a secluded coastal or wellness retreat? A grounding and relaxing haven tucked away in the depths of Cornwall or overlooking the sea radiates peace and tranquillity. Receiving revitalising treatments, understanding new qualities about yourself, and becoming educated on how health is wealth can cause a eureka moment to strike. A calming retreat may also be the best first holiday out of quarantine. A peaceful step back into reality.

What are our favourite retreats?

Cornwall has a handful of havens which focus on varied areas, a few of our favourites are:

  1. Anthony Mullaly, a professional rugby player, hosts a space for men to awaken their authentic purpose in workshops and retreats. An inspiring host, Anthony’s retreats address the archetypes of masculinity, addressing whether you’re living aligned with your purpose and truth. Whilst re-establishing our lost relationship with nature.
  2. Cabilla Cornwall, a wildly calming retreat which hosts up to 24 people. Leadership coaching and strategic decision making to yoga, stargazing and mindfulness and foraging retreats.
  3. Resonant Being – A retreat located on the Lizard Peninsula which provides personalised retreats where you are able to explore, share and process, small seasonal retreats which weaves in holistic practice and all women’s retreats.

While we all enjoy going on holiday, sleeping somewhere new or the fact that we haven’t ventured out for so long can make for anxiety. The worry that streets will be full of people from all over the country is a thought that is on many minds. Getting used to people who aren’t your immediate family, or your support bubble will take some getting used to. We of course recommend being cautious, but anxiety can be busted. Breathing exercises, counting to 10 slowly, speaking aloud 5 senses you notice can help your system alleviate any worries or stress.

Wherever you visit in Cornwall this year, whether on your own, with your partner or family, the attractions of Cornwall welcome you back into reality and offer you memories which will fill your mind with happiness and a time you’ll remember as your first holiday since Covid-19.

Have a lovely Summer, stay safe!

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