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Super-boosted, next-level aromatherapy oils.

Of the Topical Blends, my favourites are Head Strong which is great for when concentration is needed.  And Lights Out is ideal if you’re struggling to sleep or prone to over thinking.

Susannah Taylor

Editor, You Magazine

I’ve been using the Trelonk oils for the best part of a month now and they’ve been an absolute god send. In the last month, I have moved to a new city, making the transition from working from home to the office, all of which tend to come with challenges that naturally induce feelings of anxiety and nerves. But by using the oils just a few times a day, at times where I have perhaps needed a little boost in confidence or relaxing, it has helped me to calm down and give me the level headed confidence to go out there and make the most of the situation.


Young Professional

My Head Strong Essential Oil and nasal inhaler is genuinely stress busting! Thank you!

Jane Anderson

Publishing Editor

I tested two products for Trelonk; Head Strong and Lights Out Essential Oils. Firstly, Head Strong had a calming effect on me when I started to feel a bit stressed during the day and gave me time to reassess my thoughts. I definitely felt uplifted after using the inhaler and the combination of scents is wonderful.

I used Lights Out at bedtime and the essential oils in this had the most relaxing effect I’ve ever experienced from such a product. It had a strongly soporific effect and a delicious scent.

I am definitely going to buy these products and would heartily recommend them.

Rosemary Goss


I’ve been using the oil consistently for around 2 weeks. At first I thought it may not be something that would help with my day-to-day stress levels, however, I was most definitely wrong! I feel the oil does indeed help with my general stress levels, and combined with breathing exercises and the inhaler I definitely feel much more relaxed throughout the day . It smells gorgeous and relaxes the mind, I would 100% recommend and I already have done to numerous people.

Jack Lewis


The Lights Out product is a revelation. From the first night of use, sleep is inexplicably deeper, such that when you awake, you feel more rested, rejuvenated and just all round better. You feel an inner calm and strength which you know will help you face the challenges of that day and the next. It really is a wellbeing game changer and I will definitely be continuing to use it myself and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Katherine Flashman Kitson


Wow, what a lovely sample box I received. They have an amazing scent and I really did find the lights out helped me really relax. I would 100% recommend to a friend to purchase and I will be purchasing in the future!


Trelonk Customer

I am really pleased with my Lights Out (#08) Essential Oil and the nasal inhaler, which is a much better way to enjoy the benefits of the oil rather than the pillow sprays I have spent a fortune on that never seem to last more than the time it takes to get into bed! I broke my arm just after delivery which has made sleeping a bit more problematic but even with that I feel much more relaxed with my inhaler.


First thing to say is that I really like the products, they are much more than just “aromatherapy oils” there is a lot of thought behind the range and blends and how they improve ailments and mood. I trialled the Lights Out, Head Strong and Power Through in return for my sharing my thoughts with the team. Although I enjoyed using each product and felt that the Lights Out blend (inhale) really helped me to drop back to sleep after a nightmare, and Head Strong (diffused) eased my anxiety – it was Power Through that made the biggest difference. I have uterine fibroids and with that comes heavy painful periods that most painkillers can’t quash. Power Through mixed with the carrier oil rubbed on to my stomach and back, coupled up with pain relief made a huge difference to the pain experienced! I recommend all the products to friends and family but if you suffer with acute or chronic pain, I’d highly recommend trying Power Through.


Life Coach

I have suffered with a sore elbow for a while now and I was recommended Power Through #02. I have been massaging the oil in everyday and it has made a huge difference. It also smells lovely.



I finally got round to using Trelonk last night in fact! My daughter had just bought herself a new diffuser so we had that going along with mixing a few drops with Epsom salts in the bath and I had the best night sleep I’d had in ages! Thank you so much!


Have had a particularly bad week for back pain and it’s been a lifesaver. My long-suffering partner (chief of massage) is equally enamoured with the smell and the feel of it – we’re definitely converts.

Power Through #03



I am a 61-year-old, now stay at home mum. I found using Head Strong oil very effective for reducing my stress levels and helping me feel calmer within a short period of time.

The oils have a wonderful natural aroma, easy to use, the nasal inhaler means you can carry it with you anywhere, and lovely packaging.

I will continue to use the Trelonk oils because of the philosophy behind the range and the powerful effect it had on me. I will definitely be recommending to friends and family too.

Mary Granville