trelonk oils


Shop a variety of mechanisms to deliver Trelonk’s power packed molecules through the nose and to the body. From nasal inhalers to ABEL’s stylish oil burners, the choice is yours.



Gift Box

Create a gorgeous gift with your advanced oils by including one of our stylish grey gift boxes with your order. If you w...



9 Nasal Inhaler Wicks

9 replacement cotton wicks for your Nasal Inhaler.



Nasal Inhaler

Did you know that inhalation is the fastest method of delivery to the body? Our Nasal Inhaler provides you with a portab...


Trelonk Gift Sets

Abel Oil Burner and Essential Oil Concentrate

Handmade in Cornwall, Abel Burners are the perfect addition to any home to accompany your essential oil concentrates.



20 Aroma Patches

20 Aroma Patches to use with our essential oil concentrates to create your personal bubble that uplifts and supports.