Meet the team


Expert IFA Aromacologist

Favourite flower/crop and why:  Here at Trelonk it would have to be Borage, its flower is blue, beautiful and packed with gamma linolenic acid, natural healing molecules for the skin. I would also cite Rose Blossom from our new Rose crop which as an oil or extract summarises health and wellbeing support, comfort (that soft pink blanket that engulfs you), Femininity or Mother Earth and is the universal symbol of love; aside to its anti-ageing, mood improving therapeutics and as a sought-after perfume ingredient.

A hobby:  Sumi Painting (Japanese water colour art, I love using black ink and all its tones). I was lucky enough to work with a Japanese Master and enjoy taking the time to explore the creativity it allows my mind to reveal through a paint brush.

What makes Trelonk so exciting for you? As a child in West Africa, my father a Surgeon walked me around his medicinal/herbaceous garden harvesting plants to create his natural potions for his patients. At Trelonk we are creating health and wellbeing solutions out of the flora harvested here, the connection to Nature and its bountiful yields is made once more. To be a part of plant therapy, to help creating harmony within our bodies as a therapist of 40 years by incorporating Science with Nature is a dream realised!

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Production and Supply Chain Lead

Favourite flower/crop: The Bee Orchid, closely followed by the Calceolaria Uniflora, I think they’re two of the most elegant flowers!

 A hobby:Football has been a big passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Locally(ish) I support Plymouth Argyle, and Man United has been a bigger team I have supported for a long-time. I also enjoy playing football and play for my town, when I’m not pressing oil.

What makes Trelonk exciting for you? Being involved in this new and exciting project, and seeing the crops become an oil which has so many powerful benefits, is a really enjoyable thing to witness, especially with all the cracking team alongside me!



Farm Assistant

Favourite flower/crop: My favourite crop is Borage, it is a very interesting crop to harvest using our self-propelled swather and its many uses towards our oil production – it has great benefits!

A hobby: When I am not working, I like to ride and restore motocross bikes. I’m currently working on a 1989 Suzuki rm250. I also like to work on large scale farming equipment as I have always had a passion for agricultural engineering, through my apprenticeship I gained a great deal of knowledge that I like to put to good use!

What makes Trelonk exciting for you? I feel Trelonk is an exciting opportunity for me to grow my knowledge on more unusual crops and get a feel for what farming is like in a completely different world from my previous agricultural life.


Chief Operating Officer

Favourite flower/crop: Hemp, it’s very enchanting,  self-sufficient, every part of it from the root to the flower and all in between have amazing uses from building blocks to medicine, oh, and it’s the best CO2 to biomass converter around.

A hobby: Renovating old property, sea fishing/boating/sport/travel

What Makes Trelonk Exciting for you? The challenge of creating something special, with lasting benefit.



Favourite flower/crop: It has to be tulips. I think they are such an uplifting, cheery flower. The bright colours and the unusual yet idyllic shape are so pretty and to me symbolise spring and the start to warmer weather! Besides from this, my favourite crop on our farm is the Sunflower’s.

A hobby: I love sport, so you’ll find me at my happiest playing netball, working out or when I’m riding my horse! If I’m not doing any of that I’ll be with my friends on the beach with a rattler in hand.

What Makes Trelonk Exciting for you? Besides from being on a farm which houses beneficial nutraceutical crops, I get to see the processes beyond the farm, such as the seed pressing, the formulating, bottling and distribution. Witnessing all of this enables everyone at Trelonk to have a true understanding of our oils. Also, the fact a small close-knit team have created such a powerful product is inspiring.


Digital Marketing

Favourite flower/crop: Borage, a beautiful purple flower and one of our main crops here. It’s as rich in colour as it is in it’s wonderful healing properties.

A hobby: I love to paddle board, bake and travel.

What Makes Trelonk Exciting for you? Trelonk is exciting to me as we literally see our products go from the farm, to the lab and to our customers. You learn so much about each process and get a great understanding of why the products will really provide so many benefits to the customers.