Can you train your nose to smell again?

Losing your sense of smell, known as anosmia, is a phenomenon that, whilst previously rarely discussed, has come under the spotlight since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Anosmia can refer to either the partial or full loss of a person’s sense of smell, and this can be permanent or temporary. There are many causes

Father’s Day Gift Guide

What do you give the man that asks for nothing or says that they don’t need anything for Father’s Day? I’m sure we all want the father figures in our lives to be as happy and as healthy as possible and providing them with a gift that helps them to take care of their health is a great gift to give. We’ve curated a Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you gift with purpose this year.

Trelonk Wellbeing Partners: Village Pharmacy Hampstead London

Village Pharmacy is a dispensing chemist that also sells a range of toiletries as well as perfume, baby foods, health foods and pregnancy tests. In addition, they offer a film processing service.

Trelonk Wellbeing Partners: Queen’s health shop

Located in the heart of Kensington, Queens Health has been a long-standing establishment catering for the health and beauty of the community. Queen’s Health Shop understands wellbeing journeys, whether at their beginning, middle or even end is not always easy, and are on hand to help you be the best you can possibly be.

Trelonk Wellbeing Partners: Archie Browns

A local and thriving health food shop, with outlets in Truro and Penzance. Working to provide consumers with the choice of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, helping them to be empowered to look after their health, through food, supplements, and natural therapies – such as Trelonk Wellbeing.


Found in the heart of Falmouth, The Grey Lurcher offers a carefully curated selection of homeware, lifestyle products, gifts and botanicals.

Trelonk Wellbeing Partners: Hendra Health Store

About 20 minutes down the road from Trelonk HQ, you’ll find Hendra Health Store, in the heart of Truro city centre. Offering its customers an extensive range of health products, from supplements, minerals and now Trelonk Wellbeing Advanced Botanical Solutions!

Trelonk Wellbeing Partners: Cabilla Cornwall

Trelonk Wellbeing and Cabilla Cornwall are a perfect synergy, both utilising and celebrating the best of nature and all it has to offer; sanctuary, improved physical and mental health and wellbeing, the natural way.

5 Minute Stress Busters

Take a few deep breaths…

Wild Swimming

Why do we do it and why do we get such a high from it?